Pulag Part II

Part 1 left me speechless but I'm here for the second time. Humbled by the mountain once more. Here are my words to share.

First an update on pulag for the future climbers out there. According to DENR campsite 1 and 2 are temporarily closed to give way for the mountain's rehabilitation. Much respect to DENR for this move to save pulag. Campsite would now be set up at ranger camp hence, the trek will now start at 12am the earliest (estimated 5 hours trek to summit). 

So back then, we had our camping at ranger station. The site had a great view to offer at least on the spot where we set up camp. That night I've experienced the same feeling again whenever I hear the rustling of leaves from the trees. I've always felt scared and worried about us. It was cold and we are far from our families and so on. But that just me, I had to go out for a bit to ease the tension. There was a full moon in the mountain of trees so clear that it illuminates the night rendering all stars visible. I had to close my eyes for this moment and let my skin feel the cold air. I wish I had a camera to capture this magnificent feeling and view with you guys. 

I had a good 2 hours of sleep for some energy for the trek. Energy that was exhausted early from just a few hours of trek! And then some frustrations from the gravity pull of the upward trails. But in the end we managed and we got there earlier than expected, I think we might have pushed it a little as we were the first ones to arrive. Time check 4:30 AM, scheduled sunrise is at 6:30 AM. Until then we had to weather the cold and wait for the famed sea of clouds. 

After awhile, we saw what we came here for. 

Only had AWE feelings. AWEsomeness. AWEd. AWEmazingWe glorify God for the opportunity to ponder on his creation. 

I've lost track of time, it was always so short to get it all. I guess you can only etch something into your memory even for just a moment

where those few hours amounts to forever in our memories.

but we leave it to gino to show us how to properly leave the place with memories.



Preview at 2,922 m (9,587 ft)